What's the difference between your pies and homemade pies?

It is logical that our recipe differentiates from the classic traditional recipe. That is, there are greens pies with feta cheese and greens pies with mizithra cheese, pies made from two types of vegetables and pies made from 4 types of vegetables. On the other hand, even if the most part of the production is handmade, the part that is done by the machine, like the formation of the dough leaves, requires a different recipe than that used at home.

What nutrients do your products contain?

Our products are rich in cardohydrates and proteins mainly contained in the flour, but also in the cheeses and the cold cuts. Moreover, they contain various B vitamins, minerals and vegetable fibres which someone can find in cereals.

Which are the target groups of your products?

Our products are suitable for all types of consumers over the age of 5 years. Nevertheless, balanced diet should be maintained, since the over-consumption of fats involves negative effects on the human body. Attention should be paid by the consumers that have an allergy to a certain ingredient, thus, they should read properly the label of each product before consumption.

How do you secure the quality of the raw materials

All our supliers are evaluated every year through the quality system and every new supplier must be first approved, before the begining of the cooperation. In general, we keep long term cooperations and we do not alter our recipes for any reason, to ensure consistent quality in our products.

Which are the basic ingredients of puff pastries?

The raw materials used for the production of puff pastry products, also for the rest of our company's products, are wheat flour, water and vegetable fats & oils. Depending on the type of dough and filling, there are also used sugar, egg, milk, fresh vegetables (spinach, onion, leek, dill, fennel), cheese (mizithra, feta, kaseri, gouda, emental, gruyere), cold cuts and chocolates.


Browse inside our facility!

After 28 years of existence, we operate "state of the art" equipment inside a very well maintained building, abiding by national and european legislation on food production, we continue our effort to produce, always with the passion, the responsibility and the enthusiasm of our very first day, the old and the newest products.

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